Email reimagined for Web3 companies

Send emails to +200 Mio web3 wallets

Send content directly to your asset holders or market to any web3 wallet based on blockchain synced mailing lists and campaign triggers.

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How to get started?

Grow and run your community on auto-pilot

Sign up


Sign-up with and verify smart contract ownership.

Auto-create a list


All your token holders are automatically added to your mailing list.

Build campaigns


Setup your Email Campaign or Email Journey.

Use case

The web3 email marketing suite for any Token, DAO and NFT

NFT Whitelisting

Users are auto-added to whitelist mailing list

Holder On-/Off-boarding

e.g. 3-day sequence to welcome new users / retention emails for token sellers

Newsletters & Updates

Scheduled campaigns to all holders, e.g. DAO Governance, new product releases

Campaigns to Segments

Such as to all active/previous holders, e.g to whale token holders

Targeting new holders

Pitch your token/project to potential new investors

Our partners


Self-updating Mailing Lists

Build a mailing list that updates itself based on onchain activity. Emails are always sent to the right receiver, no matter how often your token/NFT changes hands.

Web3 Segmentation

Differentiate your communication to increase relevance and achieve your communication goals. Use our +30 segmentation filters (previous holders, active holders,…)

100% coverage

Reach all your token holders. Emails wait in their inbox, even if inbox has not been claimed. All email will be waiting for them for when they create their account.

Campaign Builder

Build a static email campaign or multi-stage email journey with our intuitive “campaign builder”.

Products for web3 companies

Community Suite

Send emails to your own community of token holders

What’s included

  • Static Email Campaigns

  • Dynamic Email Journeys

  • Self-updating Mailing List

Outbound Marketing Suite

Send emails to any web3 user

What’s included

  • Reach +200 Mio web3 users via Email

  • Targeted Outbound Campaigns

  • Real-time bidding: CPM or CPA

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