Reimagining Email for Web3


emails are sent every day*

You can't kill email

That’s why we brought it over to Web3!


The problem

Traditional Email is showing its inadequacy to Web3 customers with regards to communication:

Phishing Attacks

Legacy Email services use old and obsolete email transfer protocols that resulted in an easy target for hackers to launch cyberattacks through emails.

Spamming by marketers

Most user’s inboxes are overflowing with 1000s of unread emails, with little to no incentive to read them.

Privacy concerns

In return of free email service provided, legacy email providers scan the content of our emails to feed data to their advertising machines. New data privacy laws are designed to address the longstanding issue of unsolicited marketing outreach, but will leave room for new advertising paradigms.


Anonymous communication between Web3 users and businesses on top of traditional solutions is nearly impossible and is typically circumnavigated with Telegram groups.

Lack of decentralized email standards on Web3

At the moment, sending/receiving emails between dApp and traditional emails is very challenging. Wallet addresses do not receive automatic alerts from any Web3 activity.

“Let’s reimagine Email for Web3, together”

EtherMail is the first email solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.

The solution
For Web3 Users

EtherMail allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox.

The Inbox & Wallet Email

An electronic folder backed by on-chain events where emails are received and held by a Web3 user. Blockchain synced real time information directly into your inbox.

Coming soon
The Paywall

A personalized protective layer to filter spam and incentivize the readers for receiving advertising. Users will have the ability to control their paywall based on a range of custom preferences.

Coming soon

Opt-in email aggregations in which consent is given to advertisers to target the inbox in exchange for $EMT. These subscriptions can be sponsored by EtherMail, companies, blogs or other individuals.

Coming soon
$EMT Token

Users participating in the ecosystem will require an EtherMail email address and will earn $EMT through our rewarding protocol.

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Stay up-to-date on all your digital assets

Encryption allows a fully anonymous and secure P2P communication

Stay up-to-date on all your digital assets

EtherMail is backed by blockchain events Get the latest information on the tokens you hold directly to your inbox!

Get Paid to Read

In order to receive emails from newsletters, companies have to pay you for invading your inbox. Get benefits with our $EMT!

No more SPAM

Since companies have to pay to reach you, enjoy an extra layer of Spam protection. Peer to peer emails are free to operate as usual.

Use your favorite apps

We understand people don’t like to change, so we ensured to provide seamless experience. EtherMail is built on top of traditional email which means you can use any application you're familiar with Gmail, Safari even Thunderbird.

The solution
For Web3 Companies, DAOs, NFT

With EtherMail, companies can send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain synced real time information.

Auto-pilot Contact List

Build a mailing list that updates itself based on onchain activity. Reach all your token holders with no action needed from your side: Emails wait in their inbox, even if inbox has not been claimed.

Web3 based Segmentation

+30 segmentation filters to personalize your communications with different target groups (previous holders, active holders...). No matter how often your token/NFT changes hands, Emails are always sent to the right receiver.

Campaign Builder

Build a static email campaign or multi-stage email journey with our intuitive “campaign builder”. The ultimate tool to improve your communication relevance.

Affiliate Program

Our built in affiliate system encourages community members to invite others. Lower your community management costs and get higher member engagement